LifeSelector – Riley Reid How I Met My Girlfriend

Remember the lust filled perfect day you spent with your equally perfect girlfriend, Riley Reid? Who could forget…but how did you two meet? When the opportunity presents itself what will you do to sweep her off her feet, get her number and make her yours? Will you play it cool and charming or playful, cocky and arrogant? Can you get her to give you a blowjob on the first date? Can you fuck her on the first date? Will you two have sex in a risky, public place? So many questions…but only you have the answers. It’s time to put on your A-game to score an A-grade girlfriend! Experience all the fun (and sometimes challenging) moments of meeting your then future hot girlfriend, Riley Reid. Explore what it’s like to woo her using your pickup skills that took years to master. Smoothly navigate through her questions and challenges until you can make her yours. Taste then kiss and bite her sexy lips for the first time. Run your hands over her firm perky tits through her top and her round firm ass under her dress. Have her taste your dick for the first time…and then slide it inside her super tight pussy for the very first time. And when she begs for more…perhaps you can take her to a risky, public place and make her yours there… Are you ready to conquer her?

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